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Toby Turmoil is Coming Soon

Toby's adventures will be exciting reading at anytime of the day. This ebook series of 20 minute stories follow the mischievous Toby Turmoil on his adventures.

Wherever he goes trouble follows. 

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Persil the Cat

This is Persil the Cat. She lives in Wigbourne Hall and normally has a beautiful white fur coat. But having fallen into a coal cellar while exploring is not looking her best when she meets Toby.

The mischievous Toby Turmoil

Why not join Toby on his first ebook adventure ?


"Accidents will Happen"

Toby's stories are designed to be read to children in the age range of 5 to 8 years old.

We encourage readers to make the characters funny and enjoyable for everyone involved in the adventure. These are old fashioned bedtime story that we all enjoyed and still remember to this day. Learning and laughing together at bedtime can't be all that bad.

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