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Hello I'm Marco

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Art Marco the artist and author

My Story

Hello, I am a self taught artist working from my home studio in Worcester, UK

Retired from a busy business career I converted my home office into an art studio three years ago and started to develop my interest in art. I had always promised myself that I would create works that inspire or interest me but not until I had finished work. I knew that I couldn't do both. Run a business and be an artist, something would have to give and so my artistic aspirations had to be put on hold until I retired.

Art Marco was born to allow me to offer my newly found passion an outlet and, after three years of daily practice I felt confident enough, persuaded by friends and family I have to say, to show my work to the world.

Art is very subjective and not everyone will like my work. That is perfectly fine I am fortunate that I made a good living from my business career so now I am doing something that is more about my passion and interest. However commerce is also a passion so I have decided to give, for those willing to invest, an opportunity to buy my works, at affordable prices. The Art-Marco web site for me is a way of constant improvement and giving something back, so whilst commissions are sold to the originator, I also occasionally release finished works and signed limited editions as Giclée prints in the online shop .

To commission me to produce an original for you is simple; just send me your initial contact details and a photograph of the subject via the contact page. We will then have a brief discussion about your thoughts. I will then give you a rough price estimate based on what other people have paid me before for something similar or the work required.

When we get to Stage 3 of the order process you will decide if you like the work and want to pay the agreed amount. If not, you pay me what you think it's worth. That's it. If you don't wish to pay any more that's fine as well. All you will lose is your deposit. 

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