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What shall we get them as a wedding gift?

That was the dilemma facing my wife and I when my nephew decided to marry a beautiful lady from Pewaukee, Wisconsin. William, my nephew was born and raised in Chesterfield, UK and moved to the US on a university tennis scholarship. Now a well established coach he is also riding the wave of Pickle Ball owning his own courts and teaching new players to the game. He met Coryn and was instantly smitten. My wife said to me one morning, well you're a pretty good artist why don't you paint a picture for the wedding couple? Great idea, I thought, but what of and how do you make it meaningful and representative of the occasion?

For those who know of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, UK it has one very significant building, the church. It's crooked, caused by the wet and green timbers used during construction twisting as they dried. Then we come to Pewaukee, it also has a very interesting few characteristics, firstly the village sits at the head of Lake Pewaukee and not far away is another distinctive church. The Holy Hill National Shrine.

So working from a basic sketch the composition started to take shape.

This shows the three elements being featured. Called "The Way Ahead" the painting was to show:- Chesterfield, (Top Left)

Pewaukee Water Front

The Holy Hill (Back Right)

All significant landmarks that I hoped would give meaning and substance.

Adding detail and linking the three elements together proved quite a challenge whilst trying to convey the overall theme of two people from different parts of the world joining together on a journey into the future together.

The finished article is shown below

It was certainly a hit. If you would like something similar please contact me

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