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The Ordering Process

The ordering process is just 3 steps


Stage 1 First Contact

Contact me by either sending an email to enclosing a photo of the subject with a brief description of what you are looking for.  Alternatively, complete  the contact form on our Contact Page. I will acknowledge receipt and start the design process by approving your image and outlining the brief as I understand it.


Stage 2 Refinement

I see your commission as a very personal thing. So I want to understand your requirement, keep the process simple and most of all, rewarding.  This might take a few emails or telephone calls but I will keep you up to date with the occasional shots of your commission on the drawing board or easel to confirm I am on the right track. At this point your only commitment will be a small deposit to cover my costs.


Stage 3 Commission Costs

Every commission is different and very personal and so is my approach to pricing. Prices will vary therefore depending on the time required, the medium used, the framing and delivery. I will give you an initial cost estimation at the end of Stage 2 before I start the commission.

Once your deposit is paid there will be two further payments; the first on completion and the balance to cover framing, packing and shipping as agreed with you

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