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Want a permanent memory of Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain?

Updated: Feb 1

If you have lived or had a holiday in Spain's Andalucia and in particular Fuengirola, near Malaga on the Spanish mainland you will know what fantastic sunrises there can be, especially in October and November.

We have an annual trip to play some of our favourite golf courses and stay on the Fuengirola sea front.

Taken in October Fuengirola Sunrise
Fuengirola Sea Front Spain

I took this photo on our last visit. I was up early and needed cash from a local ATM before heading off to Santana, one of our favourite courses.

It was one of those Spanish mornings where there is little or no wind, the sea is flat calm and the world looks like a wonderful place.

Unfortunately my golf was far from wonderful. All those games of rugby are now catching up with me and the back in particular, at 66 is creaking and stiff first thing in a morning. I won't therefore record my score at Santana here, safe to say it was well above my 14 handicap.

Returning to the UK we have had what I believe as I sit here shivering in my studio a really cold spell.

Looking around the studio walls I came across my acrylic of that scene which I finished late last year, shown above. It's one of my favourites but, I'm running out of space and my wife won't let me hang anything else on the walls at home, so its got to go.

This is therefore your opportunity to purchase a Marco original at the reduced price of £250. Its painted on canvas and is 600 x 420mm (23.5" x 16.5")

To purchase this Painting "Fuengirola Sunrise" signed and authenticated Click Here.


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