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Watercolour Painting in the Brockhampton Estate

Updated: Jan 13

A traditionally farmed estate run by the National Trust the Brockhampton medieval manor house is an ideal place to visit for inspiration and landscape artists. I'm very lucky that it is less than five miles from my home and so has become a regular place for me to visit for solitude and inspiration. Thiis blog takes you through the process I use for this watercolour painting in the Brockhampton Estate, near Bromyard.

When I paint in watercolour I always like to start with a basic sketch and before leaving take some reference photos for use in the studio at a later stage.

Getting the composition is essential
Original Compositional Sketch by Marco 2023

Photos help for detailing later in the process
Original Photo taken as a reference

I intend to produce several more paintings in this series which can form commissions if any one is interested and loves the estate like I do.

The final painting is below for your interest.

Brockhampton Manor House
Brockhampton Estate Watercolour by Marco 2023

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