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Why produce Pet Portraits in Charcoal?

Updated: Mar 21

I’ve been painting watercolours for the last two years, and got bored wanting a new challenge. Personality fault? Possibly but actually I just wanted to see if I could :-) Whilst I still look upon my art as a hobby, friends and family have been pushing me to show more of what I can do to a wider audience. “ Who knows” said my ever supportive wife, “ you might just cover the cost of all the “stuff” ( technical non artist comment) that you keep buying” . So here it is my on line gallery. The medium and work that has really caught people’s attention are my charcoals of animals. Why do I produce Pet Portraits in Charcoal? It's almost a homage to our furry friends who have skilfully trained us through the generations to love and care for them. I don’t know why but I love the medium. Made from a naturally occurring material, it's a different form of expression. The monotones, shades and textures I can create make, in my opinion, a fitting tribute to your friend and most importantly I enjoy it.

How do I get a Pet Portrait from Art-Marco?

I've tried to make it as simple as I can for you by detailing a recent commission which started with a photograph sent to my Contact Page. Meet Brock. Unfortunately he is no longer with us but his owners were keen to have something to honour his memory and charcoal seemed appropriate.

Here is Stage 1. The image sent with a rough description of size and frame required.

Brock the Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Example Pet Portrait for Art-Marco

Stage 2

The first rough sent to the client for approval with the commission price agreed and the deposit (10% of the final commission excluding postage, framing and packing. £11.00)

For this commission the agreed price for the final artwork was £110 including frame. The customer collected.

Brock taking shape by Art-Marco
First Rough of portrait in charcoal

Second Image part of Stage 2

Brock original charcoal art by Art-Marco
Starting on the other side of the picture

Stage 3

The final product prior to framing

If you would like to commission a portrait please contact me at


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