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Pet Portraits Charcoal - Meet Jupiter the Cocker Spaniel

Updated: Feb 1

So here is my latest commission underway. Meet Jupiter a litttle Cocker Spaniel puppy.

The photo was kindly provided by an SAA artist, Lesley Homes. I have been asked to produce a charcoal of a cocker spaniel puppy and Jupiter fits the bill.

The client has asked to see a sample of my work of a Cocker puppy and I wanted to add one to the shop so this is a good way of letting her see a sample before ordering her own version. She is also happy to let me put the finished portrait up for sale which I will duly do, when finished. There will also be 10 signed and numbered gliceé prints.

I thought it would make an interesting story for the blog as well as you can see the various stages being completed.

Stage 1 Day 1 Sunday 07/01/24

Setting out and first layers added

It takes time to get the composition right in charcoal
Day 1 Setting Out and getting the composition right

Stage 2 Day 1 Sunday 07/01/24

Detailing and building.

Day 2 results. Still a lot fo work to do to get it right
End of Day 2 Jupiter is coming together but I hate the rug

That’s it for now lots more work to do before she is finished but we are getting there.

I will show the finished article by the end of the week. End of Day 1.

Stage 3 Day 2 Detailing & Refining

So as with all my charcoal work I find I have to leave it for a period of time to keep looking at it and seeing where it's right and more importantly where it's wrong. Reviewing Jupiter this morning I decided I hated the rug she was on which was too dominant and creating a contrast conflict. So first job this morning was to lighten the rug. I was reasonably happy with the basic shapes but now it was time to deepen the darks and bring her closer to the original B&W.

So here we are at the end of Day 2. I spent about 4 hours on Jupiter today and I hope you can see we are now nearly there. A nights sleep, another review and final touches tomorrow.

Jupiter lying on a less intrusive rug
Rug redesigned and more detail added to Jupiter

Stage 4 Final Finish & Fixing

So another couple of hours this morning to finish Jupiter. She has now gone to the printers to produce 10 only Glicee Prints.

The original is now for sale in the Shop the link is enclosed below to my pet portraits in charcoal

Glicee prints can be found in the Glicee Section Here.

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